Why Most Anxiety Treatments Fail!
Here’s The Truth You Need To Hear About Treating Your Anxiety

If you have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety for any sufficient time, you have probably discovered that most treatments out there are not that effective. You have probably tried natural supplements, you have tried following advice from blogs and e-books, and you have probably tried some forms of therapy as well. And at best it gives some relief, usually temporary, but nothing seems to work for the longer term.

In this article we’re going to discuss two major, important topics. First is, what treatments to avoid and second, our recommendations of treatments that seem to work best. So, what treatments to avoid? First of all, all treatments that you see presented as solutions for everyone are likely to fail. So, any e-book, generic advice from how-to videos, will probably be ineffective. The reason is simple – every case is completely and utterly unique. Your situation with anxiety or panic attacks is as different from another person as it can possibly be, despite you might be describing the same sensations and you might be using the same words.

Panic attacks and anxiety are not truly considered a physical disorder. They are considered a psychological problem first and foremost, and therefore it just has to be different, because everyone’s psyche is different. We have unique personalities, we have unique lives, we have unique life experiences. And if at a certain moment it happens that the life experience of a person and their unique personality traits bring them to certain problems with anxiety, all it indicates that this particular person has to be dealt with specifically, individually. And there should be a major focus on their problems, their unique situation and not a generic method that’s supposed to work on everyone.

So, the question that many would ask at this point is, what about medication? First and foremost, a little disclaimer – we do not provide any medical advice. What you see on this website is opinions of professional psychotherapists, nothing more and nothing less. What we find is that antidepressants and sedatives indeed work to an extent to relax you, but they do that by sedating your nervous system and trying to suppress the symptoms, rather than work on the problem. So, if you really want to work on the problem, that means that you have to work with the psychological deep root of the problem.

That brings us to the second session of this article. What treatments we consider effective. It is common knowledge that certain kinds of treatments have shown a high degree of effectiveness in treating panic and anxiety disorder. First and foremost is CBT, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy. Second, hypnotherapy shows a lot of improvement with subjects who are willing to undergo treatment and are suggestible enough, so that the procedure actually works with them and on them. We have also discovered that the closer a psychotherapist or a counselor have been working with the particular problem of panic and anxiety, rather than having their attention and professional skills scattered all over the wide field of personal problems, the better and more effective they are with treating panic and anxiety. So, if somebody treats depression, helps people get over breakups, works with psychosomatic disorders and one of their keys of interest is panic and anxiety, that therapist would not be as effective as somebody who works with panic and anxiety only because they’re extremely in tune specifically to this problem.

What we also discovered is that the best of the best, in terms of effectiveness are not only professional psychotherapists with sole focus on panic and anxiety, but those who are themselves actual panic and anxiety sufferers. If that is the case, we have seen the best results from that therapist. One of such therapists is Jurij Zolof, he presents his video on this website. In this video he describes 5 most common mistakes panic and anxiety sufferers make when dealing with their disorder and how to avoid them.

If you’re interested in watching this video, please click on this link and watch the video and see how it can be effective for you.

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