Our Mission And Process

Our Mission And Process Defining A New Standard For Relieving Anxiety

The mission of Metatraining is to provide real and high quality therapy online to people that may not have access to high quality therapy in their own town or place of living; and also to connect the best therapists in the field of panic attacks and anxiety with people searching for help.

We have found that panic attacks and anxiety sufferers are faced with a dilemma that has no good options. Either they have to go to therapists that work with everything on the face of the earth, where panic and anxiety are just two bullet points in a very long list of what the therapist does, and therefore not enough attention is paid to specifically developing a skill of helping people with panic attacks and anxiety. Or they have to go to unprofessional, self-aggrandized gurus that provide generic advice, general advice from articles of doubtful quality, and resort to using drugs or supplements, many of which range from ineffective to downright dangerous.

We feel that this situation should change and we should help anxiety and panic attacks sufferers all over the world to become free from panic and anxiety, one person at a time. If you want to start using our service or at least getting to know about what we do and what we represent, please follow the link below and watch the video describing 5 most common mistakes panic attacks and anxiety sufferers make that make their panic attacks and anxiety unmanageable. If you just stop making those mistakes, you will probably feel instant relief in your condition.

Click and watch the free video that describes how this will work. Take a look here.

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