In This Short Video European Psychotherapist Yuri Zolov Reveals...

5 'Deadly' Mistakes Panic Attacks And Anxiety Sufferers Seem To Make And Why You Should Avoid Them!

Watch the video now to discover the 5 "deadly" mistakes, that are likely to make your panic attacks and anxiety unmanageable, and how you can stop making them ASAP. You will also discover:

  • A controversial view on the reasons, why people seem to get panic attacks and anxiety
  • Why you should never rely on "quick fixes" and "magic solutions" and how they can leave you worse off, than you were

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Dear Panic Attack And Anxiety Sufferer,

We both know the feeling... You feel a flash of hot adrenaline...  Your mind races from one thought to the next without focus...  Your throat tightens  -  each breath becomes more difficult...  As you realize what is happening, it only gets worse.

Now your heart is pounding.  It feels like you’re having a heart attack.  You wonder if this time you really are having a heart attack.  You’re sweating and your hands are shaking.

As you look around for a way to escape you feel sick – like you may vomit or faint.  And you ask yourself… “Is anyone watching?  Will they think I’m going crazy?  Please, please…

Make This Stop and Get Me Out of Here!

What if I told you…

…that with the right kind of personal help, there actually is some possibility of getting rid of panic attacks and anxiety?

That some people actually discovered, that after face-to-face psychotherapy, they don't experience hyperventilating, choking or chest pain anymore.  Some people actually say, that they got rid of agoraphobia or depression.

They claim they don't experience more cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, or fear that you are about to faint.

Can There Really Be A Way To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Whether you’re afraid of getting in a crowded elevator, stressed about being stuck in traffic, or anxious about meeting people - or even leaving your bedroom -- …  Just imagine not having to be scared any more.  And no longer having to live life as a prisoner.

See yourself, finally being free of your secret double life – the one where you pretend things are okay when… on the inside… you feel like you're about to fall apart.

How would it feel like, to never have to second-guess or embarrass yourself wondering if you’re having a heart attack or, as you know other people say… “it’s just an anxiety attack”.  And you not needing to feel totally alone trying to explain your situation to friends and family who mean well but just don’t get it.

If you’re like many people who suffer anxiety and panic attacks, you probably think you’re going crazy.  Well let me assure you, you are not going crazy.  And it’s not your fault.

...Can Psychotherapy REALLY Be The Answer?

Sure, we all agree, that panic attacks and anxiety is problem that needs correcting.  But is it a physical problem or  a mental problem?

Many psychotherapists agree, that it’s simply a subconscious response that for some people got out of  control.

And even if you have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety for a long time, a lot of people say they do get better with psychotherapy.

And for some, the results can be as as rapid as 3-5 sessions. Please hear these words:  The happy, positive, loving person you were afraid was gone – destroyed by anxiety — is still alive inside you.  And I want to help you find it… and set it free.

I'm here to do my best to help you get rid of panic attacks and anxiety for good. But first...

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Yuri Zolov. I am a professional psychotherapist, speaker and book author. I have helped hundreds of people all over the world get rid of anxiety and panic attacks. I’m from Estonia, a small country in Europe near Finland, probably best known for being the birthplace of Skype… I am one of the rare therapists, that actually only works with panic attacks and anxiety. Plus I am myself an ex-panic and anxiety sufferer. So I know, where you are coming from... I do my best to get you as close to getting rid of panic attacks and anxiety as possible. For a start, please scroll this website back up and watch the video, that uncoveres 5 most common mistakes people tend to make about panic attacks and anxiety and how you can avoid them. And if you find the advice in this video valuable, please feel free to schedule a phone appointment with my assistant. She will call you at a convinient time, ask additional questions, than book our appointment over Skype and we'll be able to get to work together on panic attacks and anxiety.

The Possible Reasons Why People Seem To Get Panic Attacks And Anxiety...

You’ve heard of the conscious and subconscious mind, right?  Well, certain things we do are the result of a conscious choice.  Other things are the result of a subconscious response.

For example, if you want to whistle, you would purse your lips and blow gently.  Whistling is the result of a conscious choice.

But many other things we do happen automatically.  They are the result of a subconscious response.  For example, when you feel relaxed, your breathing and heart rate automatically slow down.  You don’t decide to slow your heart: it happens as a subconscious response.

Amazingly, 92% of our body's activity is subconscious.  Think about it: We breathe automatically — even when we are asleep.  Our heart pumps blood from our head to our toes without our having to think about it.  When we get hot, we don’t have to decide to sweat: it just happens.   Most our bodies' activities are subconscious – they just happen.

What does that have to do with anxiety and panic attacks?  As strange as it sounds, just like breathing, anxiety is triggered by your subconscious.  That’s why it’s impossible to overcome anxiety consciously.

People who don’t suffer with panic and anxiety just can’t understand…

That’s why they tell you things like… “just relax” or “breathe slowly” or “try to think happy thoughts”. But you know that doesn’t work.

Because the truth is that, trying to overcome anxiety consciously, by simply “thinking good thoughts”, is practically impossible.

Most people also don’t understand that not only is anxiety triggered subconsciously, it’s triggered by the same mechanism that protects you when you are in danger.

You may know it as your "survival mechanism" or "fight or flight" response. When it senses danger, it makes your heart beats faster, flooding your system with adrenaline, and causing your body to go into a state of high alert – and all this happens automatically. It’s a very normal "fight or flight" response.

The problem is that, sometimes your "survival mechanism" gets out of balance.

It becomes hypersensitive to programming in your subconscious. And it goes into over-protection mode – even when there is no danger.

What does this look like in your life? It often looks exactly the same as someone who is in real danger. Adrenalin shoots throughout your body. Your mind starts racing - you can’t focus. Your heart beats quickly -- the pounding can feel like a heart attack. Everything gets tight – your chest, your throat. You struggle to breathe. You start to shake and tingle all over. You sweat. You may feel sick or faint. And you may even spiral into a full-on panic attack.

But as I said before, this is a very normal "fight or flight" response. It’s just that your survival mechanism is kicking into high gear when it doesn’t need to.

So, what triggers this? It can be something as simple as riding in an elevator. Or being surrounded by traffic on a busy road. Unfamiliar places or experience can trigger an attack – like meeting new people. It’s often caused by a feeling that you are not in total control of what is going on around you. And the most common trigger of all is the concern of anxiety itself...

The Fear of Having Another Attack

The good news is that, it is in my opinion possible for you to reprogram your subconscious, or recalibrate your "survival mechanism"— and in best case scenario get rid of panic attacks and anxiety completely. I’m not talking about masking the symptoms with medication so you can cope with anxiety. And I’m not talking about learning a set of mental techniques to ease a panic attack. There seems to be a way to reprogram your subconscious so that…


It May Be Possible For You Leave Anxiety And Panic Attack Behind

So how does this work? How can you reprogram your subconscious and bring your "survival mechanism" back into balance?

That’s where individual psychotherapy comes in. Unlike generic online programs and e-books that give you just a set of exercises and try to force you into a "typical anxiety sufferer" box, we will work with your unique case and focus on what works for you. And unlike medications that dull the symptoms — along with your overall alertness — the goal of psychoterapy is to prevent anxiety and panic attacks from even starting.

Remember anxiety is not a conscious action – it’s not a choice. It’s a subconscious response to a  trigger. To stop it you need to make changes on a subconscious level.

Through subconscious reprogramming you can adjust your anxiety sensitivity so your body simply no longer responds unless there really is danger.

I know that all sounds a bit "woo woo".

But don’t worry — it has absolutely nothing to do with any type of "new age" or alternative philosophies.  It does not involve any complicated techniques.  And you don’t have to read any books complete any challenging exercises or relieve any horrible memories from your past.

Let me assure you that the methods we use are based on scientific research that has been verified with clinical tests.

And I’ve personally proven it hundreds of times with my own patients. Here is just some of these cases:

Success Stories


I first met 33-year-old Mary when her friend literally brought her by the hand to my office for an appointment. I asked Mary about her concern, and her friend started to answer. I politely interrupted and asked if Mary could tell me in her words. Mary suddenly started to blush. She looked away and began to fidget. I waited a few seconds but Mary did not speak. Instead she became agitated. I realised she was having an anxiety attack right there in front of me.

I realised I need to work with her straight away without even telling her what I was doing. I asked her to sit and began some low-level conversational treatment. Her posture started to soften. After 20 minutes she was completely relaxed and engaging in the session. Every few minutes I reassured her. “You’re doing well”. After 2 hours she suddenly became alert and told me her whole story.

Her trouble started 2 years ago. Suddenly her social phobia came out of nowhere and caused her to withdraw. As time went by, this worsened to the point where she could no longer socialise with anyone. She had to quit her dayjob as an office manager and got a job as a cleaner so she didn’t have to interact with anyone. Apart from one friend, Mary lived alone and trapped inside a world of fear.

It happened right before  our fourth session. Upon entering my building I noticed Mary was in the nail salon getting a manicure while she waited for me to arrive. She was chatting away with everybody in the room, being the center of everyone's attention. Soon after that she got a new job as an office manager. Not only was she now comfortable interacting with people, she was training and managing an entire team.

(This is a genuine testimonial from our client and it is accurate to our knowledge, however the name and photo is changed to keep client's results confidential. Also please be aware that such results can neither be promised, nor guaranteed)

Let me also tell you Anna’s shocking story. Her boyfriend attacked her with a knife in a hotel room, high on drugs.  He wounded her badly, but she managed to call the police, so he went to jail for his crime.  Anna was left not only with terrible scars, but with devastating psychological after-effects.  Even though a whole three years had passed, she couldn’t stop her hands shaking, even on medication.  It was as if she had just been attacked – minutes ago.

She also developed a terrible stutter which caused her to totally withdraw.

After just one session, Anna’s hands stopped shaking for the first time in a year.  I kept working with her, and after 3 more sessions, she was finally able to feel blissful relief from her fear and anxiety.  The last I heard she was still free from anxiety, off all medication and happily married.

(This is a genuine testimonial from our client and it is acсurate to our knowledge, however the name and photo is changed to keep client's results confidential. Also please be aware that such results can neither be promised, nor guaranteed)

I could literally tell you hundreds of stories like this.  Perhaps just one more…

Julie was 23. She couldn’t sleep at night. She would lay awake, afraid someone was breaking into her home. Her imagination ran wild with the most horrible stories. Only for her, it wasn’t in her imagination – it seemed real. After hours of torment and terror her body would be so exhausted she would fall asleep. But by this time it was nearly morning and after sleeping for 2 hours or less she would have to get ready for work.

This went on like this for 3 impossible years.

Although her sleeping improved immediately, Julie was not cured after her first session. It took four sessions before she enjoyed a full night’s sleep. And several more sessions before she was sleeping through night after night. But after not sleeping for more than 3 years, you can imagine how much her life improved.

(This is a genuine testimonial from our client and it is acсurate to our knowledge, however the name and photo is changed to keep client's results confidential. Also please be aware that such results can neither be promised, nor guaranteed)

Your life can improve like this too. Imagine being able to enjoy total freedom over panic and start living again. Saying “yes” to social invitations and enjoy meeting new people. Dusting your dreams off – travel, shop, even dance again.

See yourself taking control of your career. Relishing relationships. And welcomeing new experiences with confidence. This is who you are inside. And who you can be again.

You don’t have to live each moment worrying about having another attack – avoiding things like elevators and public transport – always looking for exits and bathrooms.

You don’t have to struggle alone any more – trying to look "normal" on the outside while battling the voices in your head -- afraid that your façade will crumble, your secret will be exposed, and everyone will think you’re crazy.

You don’t have to feel trapped any more. With good therapy there is a chance for you to stop panic now. I’ve proven it hundreds of times with my patients over the past 7 years.

And such results can ONLY be achieved one-on-one. This is why I urge you to book a session with me right away. Now you can have access to the same quality of work as people get in a private session from the privacy and security of your home.


I urge you to experience the relief for yourself.  Go ahead and click the orange button that says "Continue".  You will be sent to a booking form, where you can fill out your details to get a call from my assistant, she will ask you a few questions, answer any questions you may have and then book our first session.

Remember, that you will get special attention to your panic attack or anxiety problem from somebody, who has been focused only on these problems for the last 7 years for the same price your local therapist would charge AND you'll get all the sessions from the comfort of your home.

Most patients already get relief from their anxiety from just one session, and in 3-10 sessions I will do everything I can to make absolutely sure, that you not only feel relief, but get rid of your panic and anxiety for good.

I’ve seen this process transform the lives of hundreds of patients. But I don’t want you to second-guess your decision to get started now because you’re worried it won’t work for you – so let me help you by taking all the risk.

If you don’t get all the results you are looking for within 60 days, I want you to contact me on my personal email (provided with your membership) and ask for your money back. Without any questions you’ll receive a prompt refund.

I want you to feel totally comfortable to give this a try without any risk. If go through my therapy sessions, I'll do my best to get you results. But if some reason you're not satisfied with the outcome, if you ask for a refund within 60 days  you will get it.

So go ahead and click the orange ‘Get Started Now’ button and get started now.

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